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Oldham’s SEN services get slated by OFSTED but they are good at providing interpreters and consanguinity counselors to explain the genetic consequences of inbreeding

Oldham gets a roasting from OFSTED for its endemic failure to provide statutory (SEN) Special Educational Needs. Just a few of the reports findings include “There is non-compliance and flagrant disregard for legislative requirements.” “lack…

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Prince’s Gate, Town Hall Cinema, Hotel Future and Foxdenton show Oldham Council’s financial and employment predictions for their town centre masterplan have no basis in reality

Prince’s Gate scheme failure, the Town Hall Cinema four times over budget, Hotel Future became Hotel Failure and Foxdenton job predictions cut by 55% all show that Oldham Council’s financial and employment predictions for the…

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It’s called the #YourOldham festival because your money funds it and many of the speakers sizable salaries and Community Interest Companies

Oldham Council’s sizable marketing team is very good a offering free events to the Oldham public, these events are neither free nor about anything other than Council self-promotion. Following on from this theme we decided…