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Minority ethnic pupils now make up almost 50% of Oldham primary school pupils, are Oldham Labour Council deliberately misleading the public on the pace of population change?

Schools census stats from January 2017 show minority ethnic pupils now make up 46.5% of primary school pupils in state-funded Oldham schools & 39.8% of pupils in state-funded Oldham secondary schools. According to Oldham Council’s…

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Silence from Labour Oldham and their local press partners as the relentless importation of foreign poverty into an already deprived central Oldham continued unabated in 2017

20,442 adult foreign nationals have registered national insurance numbers from Oldham addresses in the last 16 years with 28% doing so in the last 3 years of which 35% came from Romania. 2015, 2016 and…

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We have a question for MP Debbie Abrahams, what are the social care, benefit and medical costs incurred as a direct result of congenital abnormalities and genetic disorders caused by multigenerational inbreeding in Oldham?

Does the headline strike you as direct and un-pc, good it is meant to shock. Doing research over a long period of time can eventually reveal an underlying connection between information that initially seems completely…

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Prince’s Gate, Town Hall Cinema, Hotel Future and Foxdenton show Oldham Council’s financial and employment predictions for their town centre masterplan have no basis in reality

Prince’s Gate scheme failure, the Town Hall Cinema four times over budget, Hotel Future became Hotel Failure and Foxdenton job predictions cut by 55% all show that Oldham Council’s financial and employment predictions for the…