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Between spring 2013 and spring 2017 the number of foreign born children in Oldham schools increased by a staggering 777%

Here’s Oldham Labour Council’s response to our freedom of information request on the numbers of foreign born children in Oldham schools. Apparently the Council the body who oversee school admissions don’t actually collect any data…

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Labour Oldham’s so called town centre Masterplan will deliver the entire housing element in the area which already has 44% more housing benefit claimants than anywhere else in the borough

Oldham Council is yet again searching for yet another development partner for its ill thought out Oldham town centre masterplan. Quote from the latest press release from Oldham Council “Oldham Council is set to formally…

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Labour Oldham Council plan spending another £65.3 million in high interest prudential loans over the next three years

In the financial year 2016/2017 Labour Oldham council paid out £22.4 million in interest charges alone for the boroughs ludicrous levels of prudential borrowing. The interest payment was almost three times the actual repayment cost…