Armchair Critics of Oldham

Armchair Critics of Oldham


On 17/07/2013 in the Oldham council chambers Oldham Council’s Labour leader Jim McMahon with the prerequisite political frown and accompanying stern stance hit out at the armchair critics of Oldham who criticise and identify, report and analyse the rhetoric regurgitated by Mr McMahon and other party puppets. What the council cronies like McMahon do not like is that the armchair critic is devoid of the restrictions placed on them by status, membership or affiliation. Politicians seek control it is why so many pertain to have kinship with religions of all denominations. It is not because education brings with it enlightenment that can be brought to the political sphere but because religion in politics keeps the family unit intact and to some degree maintains the status quo where the political elites appear superior to the peasants but share a love of family and god. Let me assure you they are neither take me for instance my viewpoint is secular “not controlled by a religious body or concerned with religious or spiritual matters”. It is fact not opinion that if I were in a room, which contained every Christian and Muslim member of the council, I would be the only person whose lifestyle could offer tangible evidence, which are that the physical life and world is the only reality for which we have any evidence at all. Therefore, I believe that politicians and citizens have a responsibility to make the only life we know of better for everyone. Christian prayers before secular council meetings and a councillor’s eulogy for a heroic fire-fighters death spiralling off into gibberish about seeing gods face is frankly ridiculous. No need for reference to your invisible friend for me to feel admiration and sorrow for this brave person’s personal sacrifice, you have a duty to keep your political office separate from your beliefs. You see out of my armchair and under the moral control of Labour/Libs/Cons even UKIP I would be told to shy away from any religious reference other than how wonderful multi-faith is because of the immigrant Muslim demographic vote and the Christian older traditionalist vote.

I have lived in Oldham all my life when I was eight years old living in Shaw many of the children myself included used to sneak into Warburtons bakery and steal bread on a daily basis, not because we were young criminals but because we were poor and had no food. I have sat in the dark as a child with no electricity and not having eaten for several days waiting for the charities to come round with food parcels whilst my mother cried. So I do-not need a self-serving idiot (you do not deserve politeness) who has been council leader since 2011 yet worked till February 2013 as town centre manager for Middleton as Oldham town centre decayed & crumbled telling me I can sling my hook. I have suffered my non-religious penance in this town so McMahon really needs to shut his ignorant mouth. Again, I refer to the last council meeting where McMahon once again hit the podium to criticise those who threaten Labour votes; this time it was the EDL. The EDL and BNP are easy targets that is why he does it normal people can see what nationalistic, ill-educated racists these groups are and allow them to sink themselves by allowing them to speak. Be under no doubt that the Labour party and its ridiculous and dangerous mass immigration policies are the direct cause of these people’s opinions and behaviours. Oldham has four districts with twelve times the national population density; Labour Oldham fought the Alexandra by-election trying to reinstate a rate of over 50% of houses in receipt of housing and/or council tax benefit. Oldham has the second lowest rates of growth sector employment and the highest birth rates in Greater Manchester the Labour party have kept 21st century Oldham in exactly the same state is was when I was born in the 1960’s. I lived in the Muslim area of Werneth Oldham for 8 years as I told Oldham Council chief executive Andrew Kilburn two years after leaving and the cohesion officer appointed after the race riots I will never live in a Muslim area ever again. I suffered weekly building vandalism by Muslims and racist assaults on my white English indigenous mother by Asians. People like McMahon and the history books only represent Oldham from one perspective. I am sure Jim never walked home from a club at 2am after working two jobs to be approached by cars full of Asians mouthing off about White Wolves it was just fortunate I was a solid 17 stone at the time and could take care of myself. Labour and liberal left wing politics created that situation also and it was never about race it was what happens when you target areas for social experimentation. Where undemocratic, discriminative, sexist, and homophobic authoritarian religion is transplanted as a separate community within established democratic society and allowed to exist unchanged with no requirement to adapt whilst enjoying the protection of democratic law the only outcome there can be is social agitation.

So let me turn my armchair to Town Hall cinema, that wonderful piece of development that Jim McMahon thinks will turn Oldham into a cultural and entertainment beacon for the whole population of Manchester. This development is in reality up to £30 million of prudential loan debt for the people of Oldham to pay back over many decades so that Oldham Council can finally relinquish its lawful responsibility to maintain a listed building that they have neglected. £30 million pound for a refurbishment to create an 800 seat cinema is economic suicide when considering borough wide low wage levels and the large areas of poor and immigrant demographics in the borough. The Newman RC College off Broadway which is shiny new and huge only cost £33 million to build; £30 million could be spent in far more beneficial ways within the Town Centre area of Oldham. The old town hall could have been converted into new offices for First Choice Homes (Oldham Council subsidiary) instead of building new offices on Union St this would have preserved the building and not landed the borough with millions in debts. Hotel Future (terrible name) lauded as a luxury hotel and training academy well what would convey luxury the most a Hotel in the council car park next to the bus station or a grade 2 listed Town Hall with sweeping chromed staircases, architectural features and hand painted interior. The latter of course would once again have seen the old Town Hall building saved without any debt being passed on to the public but the current plan includes Oldham Council getting the Queen Elizabeth Hall renovated as part of the deal and I’m sure free and/or discounted food from trainees will grace the Civic Centre elites offices as a result of proximity.

The Labour council and culture that permeates all Oldham services which they created has failed me every time I have asked for help past and present much of the information is available on my website and all is available on request. Be under no doubt that if the information was false I would be prosecuted, local and central politicians only like their version of the truth and they certainly don’t like the general public to be better educated in political theory and economics than they are. I will continue to occupy my armchair as a critic of anything I wish to I don’t require McMahons permission to do so or need to leave the borough at his grace, Oldham does deserve better it deserves better than spiraling over population and declining jobs, identity and hope that Labour have inflicted on it.

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