Oldham Town Centre surrounded with worklessness, criminality & poverty don’t be surprised when it spoils the regeneration rhetoric.


Oldham Town Centre 2014


A couple of short videos looking at the issues completely ignored in election leaflets & examining the economic reality for Oldham in light of local policy and the Labour Party 2015 election manifesto. Promises of an £8 minimum wage by 2019 is insulting when you consider many working Oldham families already get tax credit payments equivalent to someone working 39 hours per week being paid £4.83 per hour whilst single people working full time for minimum wage are entitled to £1.80p per year.


Prayers at an Oldham Council meeting in 2014 highlighting the prejudices inherent in all religion which should exclude them from official local government meetings.




Our Oldham Council 2013 alternative year review video part 1


Our Oldham Council 2013 alternative year review video part 2


Small low quality clip taken in Oldham Town Centre on 19th March 2014 showing what a litter strewn unappealing mess the Town Centre actually is. 19/03/2014

We find it amazing that Oldham Council is allowed to plaster the pre-election Town Centre with pie in the sky posters of the annual financial benefits of regeneration schemes, none of which have been completed & most of which have not even commenced building or secured funding. We filmed Oldham Labour Council’s independent quarter the so called £1 million regeneration triangle over a year ago as we disagreed with communications painting the area as vibrant and full of niche shops. We have been back today to see what if anything has changed, make your own mind up by watching the videos.


I have been out with my camera so you can judge for yourself how strong the so called Oldham Town Centre regeneration triangle really is. 01/03/2014


Small clip from our Oldham Council 2013 Year review Part 2, now I’m no prude & no example to anyone but neither do I sell myself as such unlike a politician or official but am I the only one who thinks it is inappropriate to make a sexual joke directed to the Youth Council at a full Oldham Council meeting after their pitch for votes at 16-17?
H. Doyle comments: “I am not surprised by your Youth Council audio clip. If some Oldham Council staff still act like they did in the 1990s the Council needs an ethics policy. My experience refers to certain members of staff, not councillors, who thought that back-stabbing and making disgusting lewd remarks was acceptable behaviour. One idiot, who shall remain nameless, asked if my sister was a tart, and said that before I was employed there I was walking the streets , when I had had 2 permanent jobs before that one. I hope that staff now have a clear code of acceptable behaviour so that such remarks can be reported and any unethical conduct regarding the way the work is done is also reported”.

Saturday was traditionally the busiest market day in Oldham when I was a child and people travelled in by coach from Yorkshire to visit the famous market. Tommyfield Saturday market now caters to a monocultural tradition but it is not mine nor a traditional Oldham one anymore.


Oldham Labour Council and Foxdenton LLP wanton destruction of Foxdenton, Chadderton’s last sizeable green open space.