37.5% of all housing benefits paid out in the entire EU are paid in the UK

The EU’s own Eurostat figures show that 37.5% of all housing benefits paid out across the 28 countries that make up the EU are paid in the UK and 81.5% are paid out in the UK, France and Germany. This myth that immigration happens on an equal footing in the EU and has no impact on housing is one of the biggest lies about the EU the UK pays out 39.5% more in housing benefits than the country with the second highest bill. Over a third of housing benefits are paid to people born in other countries and we have both the Labour party and Lib Dems wanting to fling the doors wide open to even more uncontrolled immigration. Not only will this expand housing shortages when the housing market already needs to build an house every 6 minutes day and night just to accommodate migration numbers it will also cripple the NHS, infrastructure and tear apart cohesion.

Housing benefits across the EU 2016 (latest full set of figures)