October 2018

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Every year Oldham Council pushes regeneration projects further into the future with no delivery dates, plans or funding, why is the press not holding them to account?

In its latest round of capital spending changes Oldham Council has once again moved spending on its “gamechanging” “flagship” and wishful thinking regeneration projects forward in time.  £9.5 million of spending for Prince’s Gate has…

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Oldham has three times more social housing demand than most of Greater Manchester and First Choice Homes Oldham is demolishing 247 rental properties to build 100 new homes

First Choice Homes Oldham is demolishing 247 rental properties at two high-rise blocks in Coldhurst namely Crossbank House and Summervale House, Oldham’s largest social housing provider will then build 100 new family homes. Like most…

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The St Mary’s ward in central Oldham has 38% more universal credit claims, 41% more PIP claims, 45% more housing benefit claims and three times more carers allowance claims than any other area

Local MP Debbie Abrahams Twitter account has endless tweets about the benefits system and failures as a consequence of the Governments ill thought out universal credit system. What she most definitely is not obsessed with…