Oldham Council delays implementation of new human resource & planning software by 6 months and allocates another £750,000 to the project

With a recent history filled with missed targets, underestimated costs and financial provision that bares no reality to the final outcome we should not be suprised that Oldham Council have once again failed to deliver a scheme on time and under budget. The Council has delayed implementation of new human resource & planning software which was due to go live in October 2016. The schemes new go live date is now delayed until April 2017 and the team responsible have asked for and received additional council funding of £750,000 to add to the undisclosed costs already incurred by the public purse. The report states that if the scheme goes live as planned in October 2016  it would “go live at great risk to organisation.” Oldham Council prides itself on issues such as delivering their accounts for audit the quickest in the country. These issues are deemed trivial by the general public who are more concerned about low pay, crime, health, high council tax bills, immigration, lack of jobs and poor quality housing stock than they are about financial reporting mechanisms such as those at the council which previously cost millions from the public purse to upgrade both the system and staffing levels.