After being called out for snubbing Jews & Hindus while only promoting Islam Arooj Shah is now championing multi faith

Arooj Shah knows her administration has been caught out promoting one religion at the expense of others so she is now backtracking promoting shared religious values. She really does need to keep her proclivity for promoting religion in check and out of Oldham politics it is becoming tiresome and has no place in modern politics. Her latest statement really isn’t a true assessment of religion painting it with a fairytale whitewashing of its continuing negative influence. Religion has been responsible for more tribalistic driven murder, atrocities, barbarism and oppression than every political ideological dictator throughout history combined. But look at the good religious charities do helping the poor! Those same people who are poor because religion has designated their place in the world based on control encouraging high fertility and introversion to keep the brainwashing firmly locked in. Indeed the Quran and the Old Testament are two of the most violent, vile disgusting works of male fiction ever written, tools for manipulative control and revered by the weak minded and those receiving a lifetime of brainwashing. The greatest driver of female oppression and violence in contemporary societies across the entire world today is religious doctrine treating them as less than equal, little more than breeding stock serving the whims of oppressive men. Interfaith week is inconsequential to the vast majority of Oldham residents who don’t know or care it’s happening. As for it’s diverse faiths Oldham only has 132 registered Sikhs, 146 people of the Jewish faith and 1,222 Hindu’s. 24.4% of the Oldham population are Muslim, 25% live in the real world and have no archaic faith and 44.9% are Christian although every empty church bares witness to the fact that the vast majority in Oldham ticking Christian on a census form don’t and have never read the bible, regularly attend church or lived a conformist pious lifestyle. Oldham has only one religion practised on a large scale and Arooj knows this. We learn nothing useful from religion because when the very premise of what you believe is a collection of lies there is nothing to learn.