Arooj Shah continues the policy of her predecessor’s by misleading the public with unsubstantiated economic claims

Arooj Shah continuing to mislead the public with false claims of evidence that the Better Place programme is making a positive impact to the regeneration of the town. She claims “The Broadway Green development is a prime example that includes 600,000sq feet of employment space, creating up to 2,000 new jobs and up to 500 new homes.” The reality is somewhat different Broadway Green or as it was originally known the Foxdenton development has not created a single permanent job after 12 years nor attracted a single high end business after more than 8 years of targeted advertisement. In fact the development was supposed to be 1,000,000sq feet of employment land some 40% more than now quoted. The scheme was supposed to create 3,332 full time jobs and 1,073 construction jobs not the 2,000 jobs now plucked out of the guesstimate ether. Housebuilding on the primarily employment site was supposed to be a secondary consideration but has increased by a third from the original maximum allocation of 380 units. Clearly Arooj has Learned from her mentor and employer Jim McMahon that you can spout as much nonsense about economic policy as you want and neither the press nor Labour and the opposition parties will ever hold you to account for the misrepresentation of conjecture as facts or the inevitable failure to deliver.