Arrogant Labour leader Sean Fielding’s blatant use of public finances for self-promotion ahead of the election

Arrogant Labour leader Sean Fielding’s blatant use of public finances for self-promotion ahead of the election. Every household in Oldham has received a public financed thinly veiled electioneering letter from the Labour administration one that seemingly, as in my and other documented cases, is only addressed to the male member of the household. The Council have been called out for this obvious misuse of power and finances by the Lib Dems but the Council as to be expected are claiming it’s an informative letter in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Almost the entire letter is given over to the Labour administration telling you what they have done for you including a less than credible selective list of causes for the Councils failure to get to grips with hotspot infection areas for months. Even when it’s the governments vaccine programme or cash grants somehow it becomes the Council’s direct achievement. Only one tiny section totalling 38 words parrot fashions what we already know is desirable, follow restrictions, get tested, get vaccinated, hands face space and even that section, rather than being titled follow these recommendations, uses the title space to highlight the devastating health, social and economic impact. The letter concludes with “we as a Council will continue to do all we can” that’s great to know as you the council have done nothing for me or my relatives in the last year, we have never received a penny, we have had to deal with Covid-19 and the long term health effects ourselves, we’ve never seen a single council employee other than the bin collectors. Thanks for the £53 increase in Council tax to fund the councils area discriminative agenda and Andy Burnham’s abject failure to oversee the emergency services, when the pandemic settles down places like Oldham will see an exodus of those who can leaving the area a trend evidenced by the explosion in people moving to desirable places like Cornwall in the last year.

Oldham councils borough wide letter