Broadway Green at Foxdenton not considered economically significant by AGMA

Good to know that despite Oldham Council claims that the Foxdenton development will provide 50% of Oldham’s future employment needs The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) don’t consider Foxdenton as one of the most significant locations for future economic growth.

“Key Growth Areas in Greater Manchester”

Ensuring that our key growth areas are well integrated with the transport network (particularly the public transport network) is essential in achieving sustainable economic growth and this is central to GM Core Strategies/Local Plans and the Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan. A number of important sites are being delivered throughout Greater Manchester, including Logistics North in Bolton, Foxdenton and Hollinwood in Oldham and Kingsway in Rochdale, however the most significant locations for future economic growth are:

  • Regional Centre
  • Town Centres
  • The Manchester Airport Hub
  • Western Gateway