Pennine Acute Hospitals waste a quarter of a million per year on religious counselling.

Lack of access to local Hospital diagnostic and surgical procedures was a significant cause of the permanent condition I will suffer from for the rest of my life. My partner has to wait 5 months between registering  for hospital tests and her actual test appointment at The Royal Oldham Hospital in December. If Hospitals cannot afford tax paying residents treatment I question the provision of superstitious services they waste money on which is why I made the Freedom Of Information request below.

Freedom of Information request – Cost and effectiveness of Hospital Chaplaincy Services

Dear Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust,

Can you please provide details of the following:

(1) The cost to the trust of Chaplaincy & equivalent services for other religions in the financial years 2011/2012 & 2012/2013? For the year 2011/12 the total expenditure for the Spiritual Care Team was £250,922 and for the year 2012/13 the total expenditure for the Spiritual Care Team was £224,419.

(2) Does the trust have any statistical evidence (not opinion) that the provision of non-medical religious counselling services has any positive impact on patient recovery rates or reduces mortality levels? No

(3) If the answer to question(2)is no; does the trust have any plans to make Chaplaincy & equivalent roles purely voluntary so the money can be allocated to services that can positively impact health outcomes? No