Covid-19 vaccination rollout in Oldham poorly thought out and executed

Oldham’s central NHS walk-in centre was closed at the start of the pandemic to become a dedicated COVID-19 hub but Oldham CCG choose to start vaccinations at Barley Clough Medical Centre in Glodwick rather than a central hub near lots parking and public transport stations. This poor choice led to people over 80 being left waiting outside in winter for up to an hour and people unable to park cars. Oldham’s public sector Covid-19 response has been abysmal failing to tackle areas of persistent infection choosing instead to use the opportunity for political gain. Infection rates in Oldham and Greater Manchester have been greatly exacerbated by large sections of the public displaying complete noncompliance with basic safety and hygiene rules and a council leadership in Oldham stretching rules who set a poor example for people to follow.