New Crossley Estate PFI social housing letting policy means each home could be working just 8 hours per week.

In it’s latest press release about it’s demographically targeted social housing policies Labour Oldham states “Oldham Council has unveiled the first new homes that have been built in Central Chadderton as part of the £113m ‘Gateways to Oldham’ PFI contract.” OMBC term the new homes as creating a sustainable community but in actuality the houses have a 50% allocation by needs which means all 50% of this section of tenants may have benefits as their only source of income. The other allocation is 50% WorkingXtra “The WorkingXtra criteria rewards those applicants on the register who are working more than 16 hours or are actively volunteering or making a contribution to the community” rewarding people who work just 16 hours per week tell’s you more about the composition of Crossley Estate than any other statement. DEFINE SUSTAINABLE: 87 homes with tenants potentially working 696 hrs per week or an average 8 hours per week per home. Chadderton Central & Crossley Estate borders Werneth, Werneth has 59% more children than the England average. Chadderton Central & Crossley Estate borders Coldhurst, Coldhurst has 68% more children than the England average. Chadderton Central has 1.6% less children than the England average & here lies part of the problem & the reason why Crossley has been chosen as a buffer to soak up excess population. This is also why Foxdenton has suffered & will continue to suffer for the next 15 years the worst consequences of the expanding Oldham population and the family demographics currently massively subsidised by an average of £7,195 in tax-credits per year. Whilst this Labour propagated false economy continues wages will remain the lowest in Greater Manchester & the population of core Labour voting wards will continue to expand with no regard for the future of Oldham whilst receiving more in benefits than the sum of Income Tax, National Insurance & Council Tax paid. In our contributory based political & social system that is zero contribution.