David Cameron’s outdated, archaic cliched easter video message

When we parodied david Cameron’s easter video message this weekend it highlighted how some people misinterpret this website as supporting their bigoted viewpoint, so let us just clarify a few points. If you think the UK is christian nation even though less than 700,000 adults attend church of england services regularly or if you call yourself christian but never attend church and use your christian status as a far-right argument, this website is not for you. If you think you have to be white and love football to be considered British, this website is not for you. If you constantly post about Muslims and child sex grooming scandals but have never mentioned the scandals involving the church of England or the millions of pounds spent by the catholic church to cover up paedophile clergy and block legal investigations, this website is not for you. We will challenge institutionalised paedophilia, misogyny, cultural repression and brain washing whether rooted in superstition (religion) or cultural norms. If you think johnny foreigner should clear off so you can have more benefits and quicker access to social housing, this website is not for you.

Allowing migrant communities to expand free from local and national influence is wrong this is the UK, migrant culture and religion should come second to the law of the land and should be the subject of prosecution when it contravenes laws and often violated equality legislation.  A £10,000 average Tax credit award in Oldham is a scourge on society not helping the poorest but discriminatively rewarding families for doing the bare minimum but having more and more children. Tax credit’s both drive high fertility low skilled mass immigration and supress wages which is felt most by single people and people without children. It is these people who are entitled to absolutely nothing in benefits but are expected to subsidise tax credit payment’s to many non-contributory families who pay no tax in real terms and often receive far more income than the people who subsidise them. England is the most densely populated country in Europe, further migration by unskilled high fertility poor demographics to the UK should be stopped and we should only accept the highly skilled until a point in time when every other country reaches the same human saturation point that England is experiencing.