Statistics highlight Oldham’s education & business struggles.

Statistics released today for 2012 show that the Oldham population had the lowest percentage levels of educational qualifications in Greater Manchester for People aged between 16 & 64 at every level from NVQ level 2 to level 4 & higher.
In more statistical releases it has been revealed that Tameside (39.9%) & Oldham (41.4%) have the worst 5 year new business survival rates in Greater Manchester for businesses started in 2007.
In related news and in their actual words “The average wage rate in Oldham is 16% lower than the UK average, representing a significant cost saving for businesses considering locating in the borough” This is how Oldham Council continues to sell the working population of Oldham to the business community despite Oldham already having the lowest wages of all 10 Greater Manchester local authority areas