Fewer children in Oldham live in fully working households than in every other authority in the UK other than Newham, Tower Hamlets and Brent

Government statistics released today show that in 2013 fifty one other UK local authority areas had a lower percentage of children living in “working households” where all adults worked than Oldham, by 2017 just three had a lower percentage than Oldham. The truth about poverty is that only 35% of children in Oldham live in a household where all adults work, the fourth lowest percentage in the UK after the London boroughs of Newham, Tower Hamlets & Brent & one in every five children in Oldham live in workless households. This contradicts all the foodbank usage and poverty rhetoric constantly promoted by Labour politicians in Oldham. These politicos refuse to deal with the facts that they failed to deliver every major employment regeneration scheme promised or that Oldham has the highest birth rate in Greater Manchester, the highest levels of worklessness & economically inactive females and has weathered four years of record international child migration.

ONS children living in working households 2017

Official data can be downloaded here