Ambiguous financial costs of the Oldham Old Town Hall Cinema Project

This is how undemocratic Oldham Labour Council responds to a Freedom of Information Request from Council Tax payers of Oldham concerned about the debt and financial risk to council budgets arising from Oldham Council acting as developer for the town hall cinema project. No information was asked for that would identify companies nor individuals so I fail to see under what grounds the council can refuse this request which asks for financial information relating to policies that have the direct potential to significantly impact future local government finances.

Dear Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council,

Please provide information on the following questions that will elucidate the currently communicated ambiguous financial costs and
implications of The Oldham Old Town Hall Cinema Project to Oldham Council & the residents of the borough.

The complete cost of the project was recently communicated by the Oldham Council Leader to be £30,000,000:

(1) Where is the projected £30,000,000 funding coming from? ie How much will be from Oldham Council entering into prudential loan
arrangements? how much will be grants? how much is from private businesses? Etcetera.

Oldham Council Response: Under the Freedom of Information Act I can confirm that the Council holds this information, however this information is exempt under Section 44 (1) and is therefore being withheld.

(2) With Oldham Council acting as developer how will the loans be repaid and what provisions are in place to protect the people of Oldham from potentially having the cost of the project repayments taken from the existing council budget?

Oldham Council response: As Question 1.

(3) In what year is Oldham Council projected to have completely repaid any outstanding loan and financial debts associated with this project?

Oldham Council response: As Question 1.

(4) With extensive surveys already having taken place how much of the projected cost will be spent on repairing and renovating the building it’s architectural features & period interior?

Oldham Council response: Approximately £7.5m

That is £7.5 million just to repair the building and reinstate the repulsive, opulent interior of the Old Town Hall that various Oldham Councils left derelict for 30 years & which in my 47 years has never been in any use other than as a court building and prior to that was the habitat of the local government elite! This is not my heritage this is the councils & central government representatives heritage. Could you possibly choose a more inappropriate building in which to house a cinema? Oldham needs to move into the 21st century with new modern efficient buildings showcasing the latest technologies not back to the early 20th century magic lantern days.