Hotel Future’s timing now mirrors Greater Manchester’s devolution timetable; a coincidence, I think not

Oldham Council is set to consider a Council funded appraisal of the delivery options available for it’s much delayed Hotel Future project on Monday 15/12/2014 almost three years since the scheme was first announced. We reported in July that official documents showed the building of Hotel Future had actually been delayed because Oldham Council was attempting to access Government funding normally only available to Greater Manchester Further Education colleges and private training providers. It would seem that the truth is Hotel Future’s timing now mirrors Greater Manchester’s devolution timetable which would give the Greater Manchester Combined Authority control of the Apprenticeship Grant allocation process for all Greater Manchester which is currently under control of central Government. This financial year, 01/04/2014 to 31/03/2015, Oldham Council spending forecast on the Hotel Future scheme has been reprofiled & adjusted to £3.5 million, this seem’s a huge amount of money for a scheme that is still at the starting gate.