Housing benefit in Oldham has been subsidising religious pilgrimages and winters in the sun

Here is another indication from Oldham Council of just how much the benefit system has been abused in the UK and in particular high claimant areas like Oldham where it has become a permanent constituent of income for many people for their entire adult lives. This time it is housing benefit in the spotlight which until the end of July 2016 would still been paid while claimants are overseas for extended periods of time, Oldham has over 26,000 housing benefit claimants. By far the highest numbers of housing benefit claims in Oldham are in the St Mary’s ward followed by Coldhurst and Hathershaw.  The Council states “Until recently claimants were allowed to spend up to 13 consecutive weeks living away from the home they claim Housing Benefit for” “Concerned that residents – in particular retired people who stay overseas with relatives for extended periods or those taking extended religious pilgrimages – could fall foul of the new rules, Oldham Council has now launched a campaign to notify residents about the changes.”

This is another symptom of the non-contributory nature of many working age Oldham adult residents in the 21st century and the socialist champions who back their choice to work just the bare minimum hours while claiming an annual £18,000 + in tax credits, housing benefit and child benefit. The benefit system in England was never meant to be so widely claimed and abused to the point that it has the ability to locally contrain pay, house prices and prevent private business investment.

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