Hypocritical Oldham Labour Council passed a motion at their meeting on Wednesday to tackle modern slavery while they continue to support a serving Labour Councillor who was found guilty of exploiting illegal workers in 2016

Oldham Labour Council have been debating a motion on adopting a modern slavery policy at their Council meeting on 28/03/2018. Now this would be admirable had it not been that one of their own Labour Councillors Montaz Ali Azad was struck off as a company director in 2016 for exploiting illegal workers yet he still remains a Labour councillor today. Although these Labour party hypocrites did not have the legal right to have him disqualified as a Councillor they did have the right to expel him from the party which they chose not to do.

Montaz Ali Azad official government press release

You can read more about Montaz Ali Azad’s businesses and disqualification in our article from 2016 here