Immigration up again by an unsustainable 260,000

Net migration has increased by yet another unsustainable amount totaling 260,000 for the year ending June 2014. For the year ending September 2014, Romanians have the highest number of new national insurance numbers issued of any nationality, a whopping 104,000 followed by Polish citizens with 98,000 new national insurance numbers. Very few low-skilled migrants come to England with the intention of just claiming unemployment benefits this is a fact as left-wingers point out at every opportunity but the availability of huge sums of money classed as in-work benefits for families with children is without doubt the driving force behind mass immigration to already poverty stricken & service stretched Town’s such as Oldham. Needless to say the escalating huge cost of Family Tax Credit, Housing Benefit & Child Benefit payments to migrants is always ignored by the pro-open-door immigration collective & the majority of press & TV.
Greater Manchester now houses 1 in every 4 asylum seekers which is a huge increase from just a couple of months ago when it was reported that 1 in every 6 asylum seekers lived here. The number of asylum seekers resident in Oldham increased by 8.3% in the period from April/June 2014 to July/September 2014. There is just one asylum seeker in the Home Secretary Theresa May’s local authority of Windsor & Maidenhead.