In 2016 for the eleventh consecutive year Oldham has the lowest average pay in Greater Manchester

Congratulations are due to Jean Stretton, Jim McMahon & Debbie Abrahams as the annual Survey of Hours & Earnings 2016 provisional results show that Oldham pay is the lowest in Greater Manchester for the 11th year. With the first three businesses opening at the £37 million town hall cinema development all advertising minimum wage jobs we can look forward to making it 12 years in 2017.

If your surprised to see Manchester as the second lowest pay it is because the median calculation removes the distortion caused by the highest paid to the overall figure. Allthough Manchester has more businesses than the rest of Greater Manchester it also has far more people paid minimum wage in the hotel, catering, domestic and retail occupations. The median calculation is accepted as the standard calculation for salaries by both academics and economists.

Annual hour and earnings survey 2016

Annual hours and earnings survey 2016