It is not Oldham’s ageing population impacting Oldham services DWP figures show 813 fewer pensioners in Oldham than there was in 2013

Official DWP figures show that the number of pensioners in Greater Manchester has fallen by 9,224 in the last 4 years & the number in Oldham has fallen by 831. The number of pensioners fell in all ten Greater Manchester local authority areas with the City of Manchester seeing the greatest reduction with 2,616 fewer OAP’s. In the same four year period that OAP numbers fell by 831 some 7,250 new adult migrants registered national insurance numbers from Oldham addresses and 117,300 registered across all of Greater Manchester.┬áThese figures directly contradict local media and local and central government spin which regularly places blame on the ageing population for all the increased strain on the NHS, services & infrastructure.

Pension caseload November 2017