Benefit statistics show Oldham’s fifth highest UK tax credit payment rates are concentrated in the areas of high migration

Three subjects firmly off the agenda in Labour Oldham are immigration, fertility rates and the connection between immigration, high birth rates and Oldham’s obscene benefit bill. Our latest findings using official small area tax credit information for 2014 published at the end of 2016 shows that just 17 of Oldham’s 141 LSOA areas are home to 30% of all Oldham children within tax credits recipient families with 5 areas in St Mary’s alone. Without exception every one of these seventeen areas has high rates of foreign born residents. For those who do not know an LSOA area has a population of a minimum 1,000 people and a maximum of 3,000 people. While Labour Oldham are quick to highlight the number of working families perceived as being in poverty they chose to ignore family size, the household number of working adults and the percentage which are a result of ongoing wholesale poverty importation. Labour will never highlight how many hours are worked or the statistics for people rendered economically inactive by cultural norms and households where one adult works the bare minimum 16hrs & couples 24hrs between them to qualify for tax credits. Along with huge rates of tax credits claims just one area of St Mary’s, Oldham 014, also tops the Oldham tables for employment and support allowance claims 7%, housing benefit 8.7%, disability living allowance 4.7% and a whole host of others. St Mary’s also has the highest rates of ESA and JSA benefit sanctions in Oldham. 2015 and 2016 delivered the highest immigration rates ever recorded in Oldham. This was led by high fertility unskilled eastern European families with as many as eight children in tow hitting the Oldham headlines for all the wrong reasons on a regular basis. Any suggestion that rates of UK immigration have no affect on Oldham housing, the NHS, schools, employment, crime, infrastructure, benefit costs, council priorities and spending, private investment or cohesion is a blatant lie. Just as Labour Oldham failed to report on the last two years of record immigration rates they also failed to report the number of Oldham OAP’s has fallen both years.

children in tax credit recipient families


Oldham has fifth highest average working tax credit and child tax credit payment rate in the UK


ONS mid 2015 population projections



Official tax credit data tables available here