Labour Oldham admit that immigration is driving house-building plans.

Labour continually state the housing shortage has nothing to do with immigration yet Labour Oldham Council’s “Childcare Sufficiency Assessment” document shows immigration is driving Labour Oldham’s house-building plans. The council also want to build new homes in the Oldham 014 area as part of its town centre masterplan, the Oldham 014 MSOA already has the highest no of housing benefit claimant’s in Oldham with some 1,600 households in receipt & neighbouring 016 has 1,000. What message does this send to private developers and potential business investors when Oldham expansion plans are centred on the areas already identified in Council, Government and GMCA documents as having the highest rates of unskilled migrants with record no’s arriving in 2015 and 2016 and the highest rates of benefit dependency and worklessness in the borough?

Taken from “Oldham Council’s Childcare Sufficiency Assessment” document