Labour Oldham just like Labour central are hiding the impact of immigration and the cost of policy failures

Not saying Labour Oldham Council are predictable when it comes to suppressing information they don’t want in the public domain but we knew when we found the link governor network document freely available on their site they would at some point block it. In this case one can only surmise that they have now removed the document to hide the impact of immigration on Oldham schools as this is the main issue covered by the document. A similar thing happened when they mistakenly released documents for Prince’s Gate and we exposed their £9 million contribution to M&S for fit out costs on top of building them new bespoke premises and giving them 6 months rent free. Prince’s Gate now exists in name only as they have sold the site outright to an alternative supermarket to cut their financial losses, we are using an educated guess Oldham will get another Aldi as a poor replacement.
Fortunately we saved a copy of the link governor network document before Oldham Council restricted access, all pictures below are from this document.

top ten languages spoken in Oldham schools

key issues in school

Country of origin

Recent increase in foreign born school children