Labour Oldham’s religious council leader and unelected faith groups interfere in the secular policies of an independent academy

Nice to see the unelected interfaith forum backed by Oldham’s hugely biased council administration interfering in the running of a none faith based none council controlled independent academy. Pictures taken at the Oldham Academy North of Muslim students praying outside started circulating at the end of last week with comments about them being expelled from classrooms they had used for prayers without permission. Straight away claim of racism and Islamophobia and calls for public  demonstrations and the sacking of teachers started circulating the usual outlets. Arooj Shah and her nodding dog council should stop manipulating Oldham public policy decisions based on her personal set of outdated religious fairy tales she should consider that it was her and not her invisible friend who was elected as a councillor. She should also not be allowed to pressurise secular institutions into complying with religious requests just to diffuse the escalation of the situation. School is for education not indoctrination and these independent academies have no legal requirement to pander to religious demands. When Nasim Ashraf with connections to the interfaith forum and UKEFF set up a WhatsApp group aimed at blocking same sex relationship discussions in Oldham schools nothing was said by Arooj Shah nor the council or MP’s even when he went on tv and said he could see it causing more Oldham riots. Absolutely scandalous that religious pressure is once again being pushed on secular institutions and interfering in politics, we spent hundreds of years slowly chipping away at the discriminative influence of the christian church we don’t need another set of right wing fairy tales taking its place, human rights are for human beings not the entrenchment of archaic ideology.