Another Oldham Council selective press release about NEET’s

In it’s latest press release Oldham Council is once again patting itself on the back stating that “Oldham sees 24 per cent fall in 16-18 year-old NEETs” The release ignores the wider issues which saw a drop in apprenticeship 16-24 take ups in parts of Oldham probably due to the quality of the work on offer; examples being warehouse apprentice & reception apprentice. I also question some of the dubious claims of work experience, for example, 44 local youths on a film set for a film company with a tiny budget that did not pay staff a salary. I also question some of the disciplines in which apprenticeships are being created, for example, in the last week one of Oldham’s education establishments advertised for a “family engagement apprentice” an Internet search brings up just one apprenticeship or adult job opportunity for “family engagement” in the UK & it is in Oldham. It was renowned political theorist Hannah Arendt who questioned the validity of educational establishments teaching non-existent academic disciplines, we can also see this lack of validity in the deliberate creation of such fictional employment.
Apprenticeship Programme Starts for Oldham West & Royton dropped by 7.2% in 2012/13 from the previous year (Year being August to July).