No place for hate in Oldham unless it is hate preachers

In July Oldham’s mayor Shadab Qumer and Manchester MEP Afzal Khan attended an anti-terrorism event in Oldham with guests of honour Pakistani extremists Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman and Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman both of whom led a campaign supporting Mumtaz Qadri’s right to commit religiously motivated murder. The event was organised by the Ramadhan Foundation who’s selectively intolerant spokesman Mohammed Shafiq once called for  Maajid Nawaz to be sacked after he tweeted a picture of satirical cartoon Jesus & Mo. The Oldham mayor like many Oldham politician’s can always find room to attend events with the word faith in the title but he couldn’t make room in his calendar to make an appearance at this years Oldham Pride event. Bypassing events that support causes your faith is ideologically opposed to you both avoid agitating your supporters and questions being raised about your ability to hold public office.