Obama and his democratic double standards on the UK and the EU

With President Obama interfering in the EU referendum we thought we would share this little story on Canada’s new free trade & visa free travel agreement with the EU that the UK press have managed to ignore. The U.S. and its President are encouraging the UK to stay in an undemocratic EU with unrestricted free movement of people yet America administers a selective democracy that requires visas for visitors from Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Poland. North American neighbours Canada have just agreed a new EU free trade & visa free travel agreement but they continue to refuse visa free travel for Romanians & Bulgarians stating “The countries do not meet the federal government’s criteria for visa-free travel, including migration issues, security of travel documents, public safety, border management and human rights.” If the self proclaimed “greatest democracy in the world” and their neighbours require visas why should the UK have been subjected to over a quarter of a million people from Romania and Bulgaria moving unrestricted and unchecked into the UK and why should we allow it to continue?
Obama also says the UK will go to the back of the free trade deal queue if we leave the EU. The UK has never had a free trade agreement with the U.S. yet this has not stopped American businesses and multinationals dominating UK TV, commercial branding and some high street sectors. Obama has just 9 months left of his final term so it is not his call what happens on trade. He wants the UK in the EU to champion his TTIP trade deal which is losing support. A border protective America would need its population to increase by over 3 billion just to be as densely populated as England was in 2014