Oldham Council is promoting pseudoscience for Health Awareness Day, what next leeches to cure anemia?

Oldham is having a Health Awareness Day where Oldham Council is teaming up with Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group, and the Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation UK a “spiritual” non-medical organization. The Council press release states “A range of complementary therapies will also be on offer from massage to Reiki and homeopathy to lifestyle evaluation”. FAKE! treatments such as homeopathy have no place alongside science and research based practices they are not complementary therapies homeopathy for instance is just water nothing else & reiki which claims to channel healing energy is just a ludicrous practice that only serves to channel money into the protagonists pockets. Oldham Council and Oldham’s NHS bodies should all hang their heads in shame promoting quackery and fakery by sharing a stage with people selling outdated superstitious practices and 18th century pseudoscience.

health awareness day

Health Awareness Day