Oldham Council civic centre making way for 600 homes in what already is the top Oldham area for housing benefit claims

Oldham Council is lauding its progress this week as initial works start in transforming the civic centre into an housing estate after staff relocate into the Spindles shopping centre “With a capacity of up to 600 new homes, the Civic is the largest site that will be redeveloped though our partnership with Muse” Oldham Civic Centre is in MSOA area Oldham 014? MSOA’s are a geographical measure used to create accurate statistics and profile areas. One statistic for 014 the Labour council and Muse properties didn’t bother sharing is that the area already has more housing benefit claims than every other MSOA in the entire borough.

Housing benefit official claim statistics November 2023
Oldham town centre MSOA’s
Oldham Council publicity shot