Oldham Council commissioned a branding consultant to rename the Oldham Coliseum Theatre they came up with Oldham Coliseum and it cost £28,268

Updated 20/03/218

Oldham Council spending records for January 2018 show that they paid the company commissioned to re-brand The Oldham Coliseum theatre, Creative Concern Ltd, £28,268.


Cash strapped Oldham Council has just agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to a branding consultant to come up with new names for the Oldham Coliseum Theatre & the new heritage and arts centre, they came up with the imaginative names Oldham Coliseum & OMA all we can say is OMG. The last time Oldham Council had a branding exercise ten years ago they paid a ludicrous £100,000 for those turquoise and white concentric circles you see across all Oldham Council departments.