Oldham Council finds another £100,000 to add to the millions spent on Alexandra Park while other parks decay

While Foxdenton Hall in Foxdenton Park rots austerity challenged Oldham Council are spending another £100,000 on Alexandra Park which has already had millions in lottery grants and consumes the majority of Oldham’s annual park and open space expenditure. Why in the centenary of women’s suffrage did they not have the foresight to convert Foxdenton Parks historically significant Foxdenton Hall, once home to suffragette Lydia Becker, into a suffragist museum? Would this not have been a better tribute to democratic society than commissioning a statue of Annie Kenney, who was born in the West Riding of Yorkshire not Oldham, outside the town hall cinema on the border of two wards which refuse to have female councillors?

Oldham Council priority spending