Oldham Council invites the poorest countries in the EU to come and exchange business ideas

Oldham council has a policy of funding every scheme that fails to attract investment or loses investment partners with money from public finances and the bottomless prudential loan pit rather than abandoning ill-considered schemes with an unachievable outcome. Oldham Council failed abysmally in its push for an Oldham energy co-op community run for and answerable to the Oldham people when it raised just 6.7% of the £300,000 funds required for its own community energy share deal. As per the norm Oldham Council then filled the huge financial shortfall with public cash. Somehow Oldham council now classes itself as community energy specialists and is pushing an EU ERDF funded scheme trading community energy ideas with the poorest economies in the EU including Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia. Let’s put this straight mass unskilled immigration has been to the detriment of Oldham and Oldham does not need any further publicity in or to appear on the radar of these Eastern European countries which have dumped thousands of high fertility unskilled migrants in this borough. We find the logic confusing as to how Oldham council can approach a five year scheme with EU partners advising on regulation and business practices when Brexit will change those relations and regulations and if no agreement is made potentially end them in two years time. This is more evidence that under the Labour party Oldham’s only growth industry is managing deprivation, how sad that the council see kinship with the impoverished Eastern European block while keeping silent on the impact people from these countries have had in Oldham.

Link to the council press release

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