Oldham Council leader Arooj Shah’s local election leaflet in the ward that elected her doesn’t include any local issues

This is Labour Oldham Council leader Arooj Shah’s letter being distributed around South Chadderton ahead of the LOCAL elections in May, the only problem is it has no LOCAL issues discussed in it which is not surprising after 11 years of Labour policy failures. The leaflets all about central govt and the squeeze on peoples finances, anyone who studied economics or has an ounce of common sense could have guessed that a global pandemic, global fuel price increase, product shortfalls and hundreds of billions spent on Covid, furlough and the odd dodgy contract would lead to inflation, price and taxation increases. Arooj has little to write about Chadderton as she continues to prioritise the areas around and including the town centre Glodwick, St Mary’s Ashton Rd corridor all of which are receiving tens of millions in regeneration and public realm spending. What’s Arooj done for South Chadderton? The only thing in her other local flyer was funding traffic lights at the corner of Stanley Rd & Coalshaw Green Rd which people have been requesting for 40 years or more.

Arooj Shah’s leaflet