Green (by green we mean naive) Oldham Council is installing 1 megawatt of solar power equipment at Council-owned assets.

On the 24th of August Oldham Council announced they were “installing around 1 megawatt (MW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) equipment on a first tranche of Council-owned assets, as a first stage of the Generation Oldham programme.” Three days later the Government announced they were planning to cut feed in tariffs & renewable incentives by up to 87 per cent dependent on the size of installation. Last year the feed in tariff & incentive scheme for solar power reduced carbon at a financial cost of £380/tonne almost double the cost of offshore windfarms at £200/tonne.
Whilst renewable energy technologies should be supported, socialist utopians like the current Oldham Council which has stated that they are actively trying to increase population numbers to pay for an aging population, cannot both increase the number of residents and the number of jobs whilst decreasing the human ecological footprint. What they fail to understand is that the levels of pollution and the over-use of resources associated with increasing the population cannot be offset by sharing a car, installing solar panels on a roof or planting vegetables in alleyways and every successive generation must exponentialy increase the population further to keep the cycle funtioning. As patron Sir David Attenborough states “As I see it, humanity needs to reduce its impact on the earth urgently and there are three ways to achieve this: we can stop consuming so many resources, we can change our technology and we can reduce the growth of our population.”