Cash strapped Oldham Council spends more public money on a new internal “top talent network”

Oldham Council’s got a new “top talent network” made up of highly paid self-lauding, back-slapping senior council employees disconnected from reality, some token lower level employees, paid co-op partner organisations and a host of freeloading life and business coaches here to make your life and business organisation more productive by giving you a tagline and self-help tools all delivered for a really reasonable large fee. Here’s a summary in photos of the bog-standard ideas, phrases, words, actions and results they reached at conclusion of the day (including spelling mistakes). I think you will all agree Oldham can now flourish fronted by forward original thinkers who have such great solutions to all the sociological, economical, fiscal and logistical challenges Oldham currently faces.

top-talent-networktop-talent-network3 top-talent-network2 top-talent-network4