Oldham Councils track and trace is just as shambolic as central government’s

Strange how we only hear about government failure when Oldham Councils internal track & trace is a shambolic mess. I’ve been contacted by them today (not NHS t&t) despite dealing with official testing & NHS 2 wks ago with no problems, after talking with OMBC on the phone I’ve now been receiving texts where both my name and gender have changed, I’m also being incorrectly advised to isolate 15 days after having symptoms & 11 days after taking a test. Guessing Jennifer Williams and the other socialist press puppets won’t be writing about the councils incompetence as they have national track and trace or asking why they are wasting resources contacting those who have already been dealt with by official channels. I have now had to block the NHS on my phone after Oldham Council passed on the wrong details and I am constantly getting texts for someone else.