Oldham has the fourth highest tax credit payment rates in the country after Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Birmingham

Tax credit statistics released today show that in the financial year 2015/2016 tax credit payments in Oldham increased by over two and a half million (£2,531,400) compared to 2014/2015. The total claimed in Oldham was a staggering £172,754,400. Eleven thousand working Oldham families with children each received an average £10,267 in tax credits which is £112,937,000 per annum. We wonder how many noncontributory Corbyn supporters cheer his plans to increase business taxes when in real terms they not only avoid paying taxes but take thousands out of the tax system every year? Tax credit and housing benefit are the two main drivers of mass unskilled immigration in England it is why people cross all of Europe to get here as it completely removes any responsibility in real terms to pay any taxes. Oldham has gone from having the sixth highest tax credits payments in the country to the fourth highest in just one year. Only in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Birmingham do people receive more money than in Oldham. Labour’s Oldham MP’s want to lift the benefit cap, if they ever make it into government we may just reach the top-spot for ludicrous levels of state handouts as businesses and taxpayers leave Oldham.

Tax credits 2015 to 2016


Tax credits 2014 to 2015