Oldham in bloom, bacterial bloom from piles of festering rubbish

It is such a shame that Oldham Council couldn’t find time to show the Britain in bloom judges around the piles of festering rubbish around Ashton Rd whilst lauding their horticultural brilliance in neighbouring Alexandra Park as part of “Oldham’s quest to be crowned one of the cleanest, greenest and most beautiful places in Britain”. This issue has been ongoing now for over four years, in 2014 MP Jim McMahon commissioned Manchester University to teach eastern Europeans around the Ashton road area about which behaviours are socially unacceptable including rubbish disposal. Mr McMahon can add this situation to a long list of policy failures instigated under his tenure as Oldham Council leader.
Sadly the video below seems to have been removed it showed piles of festering food waste, mattresses, furniture and clothing which covered the entire length of a section of Ashton Road.