Oldham MP’s Jim McMahon and Debbie Abrahams continue to do everything in the their power to subvert the referendum result

Let’s play the democracy card by ignoring the biggest democratic mandate in UK history and order another referendum which will hopefully go the way I want. “Debbie Abrahams, Labour MP for Leave supporting Oldham East and Saddleworth, announces she will not support Boris Johnson Brexit deal. She would support if it is put to the people in a referendum. Wonder if she will be keen to share the impact of the EU on Oldham if she gets her way including the 1000% increase in foreign born school children in 4 years. In 2018 we had 3154 foreign born children in Oldham schools 64% came from the EU with the majority of Roma heritage. Wonder if she will mention that most EU grants in Oldham are for teaching ESOL courses? Wonder if she will mention the UK has had the worst trade in goods balance in the EU for 12 years while simultaneously accommodating a third of all EU freedom of movement over the same period? Wonder if she will mention the impact of Eastern European driven modern slavery in Oldham? Wonder if she will mention that EU nationals make up just 1% of workers in the health & social care sector in Oldham? Wonder if Debbie will mention that the two nations that receive the most freedom of movement the UK (England) and Germany also have the EU’s lowest percentages of their own citizens living in other member states? Wonder if she will mention that the 2 million figure quoted by Jeremy Corbyn and other politicians for UK citizens in other EU member states is completely wrong. The 1.3 million which is the current figure being pushed by politicians is also completely wrong the office for national statistics says the number is less than 800,000 which makes it a far bigger lie than £350 million on the side of a bus.

Jim McMahon ” I won’t be able to support this deal” Who was in any doubt Jim McMahon would vote against this or any other Brexit deal? The sheer audacity of this man who wants to see an economic impact assessment when every single economic assessment his council provided when he was leader from Hotel Future to the Town Hall Cinema and Prince’s Gate has never been achieved. Jim failed to deliver over 5,500 permanent jobs he promised for Oldham since 2012 his socioeconomic legacy of multimillion public spending failures is unrivalled in Oldham history. On Monday the town hall cinema has been open 3 years Jim’s economic assessment said it would cost £10 million, house 4 additional businesses, create 233 jobs and 115 additional jobs, it cost over £42 million it houses only 2 additional businesses and created just over 100 jobs.