Oldham’s socialist’s being socially charitable for a problem created and propogated by socialism

When the Oldham foodbank crowdfunder for a community kitchen reaches its target the local press will no doubt publish a piece about the success of this community project and the generosity of Oldham folk. What you will need to bare in mind is that when we checked the list of donations today we can connect almost every single name to Oldham Council, Oldham NHS, Labour Oldham MP’s and OMBC highly paid business partners. We see Foxdenton developer Mike Coulter, who is ruining Chadderton’s last sizable green space with warehousing, being congratulated for his generosity. We also have multiple Oldham Councillor’s and senior council employees, social housing providers and people associated with Debbie Abraham’s summer school. We write as an example of how manipulative Oldham politico’s and those who profit from their policies really are. Self serving politicians can repeat the line most people visiting foodbank’s are working as much as they like. The truth behind that lie is families are only required to have one person working just 16 hours per week to qualify for benefits and council incentives. Oldham Council have the audacity to expect everyone to sign up to their priorities without exception or questions. Questions such as, why does a borough council containing the most deprived town in England find it appropriate to expect the general public to fund a foodbank when the council continue to accomodate more asylum seekers than 358 of 378 UK local authority areas, Oldham has almost 700 while 62.4% of authorities have none? Why have you done nothing but challenge benefit cuts when you maintain and expand ward’s where 62% of women and one third of migrants do not work? Why are you dishonest about school pressures caused by ward’s with 60% more children than the England average? Why do you not highlight Oldham’s falling education standards are caused, at least in a very substantial part, to mass child migration from the world’s poverty hotspots speaking at least 82 different first languages? Why does a borough council containing the most deprived town in England find it appropriate to expect the general public to fund a foodbank when the areas directly around it are in receipt of almost 2,000 unskilled adult migrants every year led by Romanian’s who currently account for 3 times more migrants than any other nationality?

We have no doubt the people who created the food bank did so because of genuine reasons but they are religious reasons and Oldham’s plight is maintained and expanded because of the values they share with socialist’s. Values such as go forth and multiply regardless of your circumstances and all are welcome in Oldham regardless of what you have to offer. Christian’s in the UK love poverty and migration, it gives the pious a reason to exist and scope for external recruitment in a society that has rejected their superstition. Eleven years of the lowest pay in Greater Manchester, the sixth highest UK birth rate and average tax credit payment and the second busiest major a&e department in England are all the result of Oldham’s non-contributory culture. All this means that a borough already financially unsustainable will get worse as the dwindling section of Oldham society who pay more in tax than they receive in benefit’s leave, dissatisfied with local service cuts and escalating cost. The ability to share five loaves and two fishes between thousands or accommodate thousands more people free of charge is the stuff of myth. As for Oldham Council they just squndered £39 million of public finances on a cinema, that is another £2 million on top of the £37 million communicated as the final cost which originally in 2012 was said to be £10 million. A council who publish pictures of  food they collected worth a few hundred pounds for the poor but who kept quiet about their agreement with food giant M&S to pay them £9 million and give them 6 months rent free just for coming to Oldham, which they did not. Socialist’s have been in charge in Oldham for most of the last half century and they have utterly failed to deliver a robust local economy or a culture of contribution. There can be no doubt that the Conservative Party have purposely inflicted huge budget cuts on areas such as Oldham which they care little about. It is also true that in central Oldham our local government politicians created one of the highest benefit subsidised working age population centers in the UK, this gave license to central government to act against it.