Is this a bloomin joke?

Welcome to the nanny state gone mad in 21st century Oldham where people take absolutely no responsibility for themselves as Oldham Council looms over their, albeit politically sanitised and corrected, lives like Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984. Oldham Council and their co-op partners continue to allocate an ever increasing amount of dwindling taxpayers resources away from the services they are commissioned to deliver as they pander to the deprivation they created, expanded and imported, people who contribute little other than Labour Party votes and excitement at a £37 million public funded cinema. Oldham Council now think it is to be applauded that they use the town centre Oldham in bloom flower bed to inform residents, living just ten miles from the 2016 European City of Science, they should clean their teeth, get some exercise and stop eating processed junk food for every meal. Is it any wonder people external to Oldham find the place depressing and backward or why external businesses are not willing to invest in an Oldham that is only ever described as up and coming in self-serving council literature.

Oldham Town Centre flower bed