Prince’s Gate was due to open in 2017 Oldham Council won’t make an announcement about the fate of the project until 2018

Oldham Council stated on BBC Radio Manchester today they won’t be making an announcement about the Prince’s Gate scheme until 2018. Due to open in 2017 but building work has still not started this has become another Labour Oldham economic failure instigated by Jim McMahon. Tom Stannard also stated that Oldham town centre is a good investment choice for private businesses and a better prospect than other areas because Oldham Council owns most of the land and buildings. In reality private businesses will investigate central Oldham’s economic and social landscape assessing skills, spending power, crime, culture and future projections. With over 90% of unskilled migrants, half of Oldham’s working age benefit bill and the highest rates of economically inactive females in Greater Manchester all concentrated in central Oldham deprivation management will continue to be the only growth industry in the area.