Socialist hypocrisy aimed at embarrassing the government behind Manchester anti-Trump demonstration

Chronic-Oldham is primarily about local issues so we are not going to elaborate on why we think Donald Trump’s decision on travel restrictions is born out of ignorance and is ultimately self-defeating. We will however comment on the fact the anti-Trump demonstration in Manchester, judging by banners on show, was driven by Labour, the remain camp, Unite, Momentum and student bodies. Something really distasteful about how easily people will demonstrate against democratic decisions that don’t meet their expectations. Manchester, a City where local government systems are currently facing the biggest operational changes in generations and have done so without public consent, consultation or street demonstrations. We are being led to believe that more people in GM are concerned with U.S. immigration rules than local spacial framework plans to decimate the greenbelt. Absolute nonsense, the usual suspects driving demonstrations against the U.S. are also driving MP’s to block article 50. This is about discrediting the UK government not upholding human rights. The hypocrisy of these socialist manipulators and human rights champions can be no better demonstrated than in their lack of response to Russia’s new law on domestic violence. 53.5% of Russians are female and Russia just past a bill to decriminalise some forms of domestic violence. More than half of Russia’s population have just had their chances of violent assault substantially increased under state sponsored bureaucracy. Where are Labour, Unite, Momentum and the whole host of human rights groups and why have they not taken to the streets to demonstrate? Travel restrictions are far more worthy of demonstration than state sanctioned violence against women and children.