Violent crime in Oldham up by 72%, weapons possession by 57%

Today’s crime figures release for Oldham show that in the year to December 2017 the number of public order offences grew by 127%, violence by 72%, weapons possession by 57%, stalking & harassment by 54%, sexual offences by 46%, vehicle offences by 31%, robbery by 28%, violence with injury by 28%, drug offences by 18%, domestic burglary by 15%, other theft offences by 11% and criminal damage and arson by 10%.

Oldham rolling year crime figures December 2017

Police budget cuts contribute significantly to police unwillingness to investigate certain types of crime but those cuts don’t explain societies rapidly expanding criminality. PCSO’s those politically correct social workers with a badge are clearly no solution and remain ineffective at reducing crime when the public know they have very limited authority.