We now have three fewer Labour Oldham councillors than we had a few weeks ago but absolutely no explanation why

Oldham Council has stated that a by-election is to be held in the Failsworth East ward after Cherryl Brock, who has served the ward since 2016, gave notice of her intention to stand down this week. Strange then that chronic-oldham which has no insider contacts was told and reported on social media that she had resigned 11 days ago. It will remain to be seen if, as we where previously told, Failsworth East councillor Paul Jean Jacques wife is to be the Labour replacement. The Failsworth clique at Oldham Council currently stands at former council leader MP Jim McMahon whose school teacher was councillor Paul Jacques, the leader of Oldham Council Sean Fielding who is mentored by Jim McMahon and the deputy council leader Arooj Shah who also works for Jim McMahon. It is amazing that Jim McMahon is clearly still pulling strings at Oldham Council yet his list of socioeconomic Oldham failures over the last eight years include 5,000 promised but undelivered jobs and £35 million of promised but undelivered GVA increase. Jim McMahon’s primary failures as Oldham Council leader include Mono Pumps, Hotel Future, Foxdenton, Prince’s Gate, Our House and a £30 million overspend at the town hall cinema development.